Friday, October 8, 2010


Just 4 u

One 12 oz. bottle of Ribena Blackcurrant juice will in fact make one gallon of
wine. Dissolve 3 lb. of sugar in some warm water, and pour into a 1-gallon jar, then add
the bottle of blackcurrant juice and three-quarters fill the jar to the shoulder. Then add
your chosen wine yeast, or a level teaspoon of Heath and Heather granulated yeast. The
merest trace of acid, one-third of a teaspoon of citric acid, and a pinch of yeast nutrient
should also be added. Insert the fermentation lock and stand the jar in a warm place for
fermentation to get under way. When the first vigorous fermentation has died down after
a fortnight or so, top up the jar with water to the bottom of the neck, and reinsert
fermentation lock; then continue with the fermentation in the usual way.

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