Monday, November 15, 2010


Just 4 u

And here is a novelty most home winemakers will be able to compile, and which
is very popular with the ladies:

½ bottle blackberry wine Wineglass ginger wine
½ bottle rhubarb wine Wineglass port wine
½ wineglass whisky


Just 4 u

Take two or three good fresh lemons, with rough skins quite yellow; some lumps
of good sugar; grate a handful of the skins of the lemons, through a bread grater, on to the
sugar; then squeeze in the lemons, bruise the sugar and stir the juice well together, for
much depends on the process of mixing the sugar and lemons; pour on them one quart of
boiling water, and again mix them well together (this is called the sherbet); add one pint
and a half of brandy, and the same quantity of rum; stir it up, then strain it through a
sieve; put in one quart of syrup, and one quart of boiling water.


Just 4 u

1 quart fresh milk 6 Seville oranges (or six
1 bottle rum or brandy ordinary oranges and six
1 pint rum (if desired) lemons)
1 gallon water 3 ½ lb. sugar

Peel the fruit very thinly, or use a grater, to exclude all white pith, which has a
bitter taste, and squeeze out all the juice.


Just 4 u

This is an excellent after-dinner drink for which, if possible, the coffee should be
freshly ground, as well as freshly made.
Into a small saucepan put six lumps of sugar, the finely pared rind of two oranges,
six cloves, and a stick of cinnamon. Add enough rum to cover the sugar and bring nearly
to the boil, stirring gently until the sugar is dissolved. Take care that it does not catch fire.
When ready stir the mixture into six cups of very strong, very hot black coffee and
serve immediately.


Just 4 u

Mix: 1 bottle orange wine, 1 wineglass whisky, and a dash of rum.


Just 4 u

6 fresh eggs 1 lb. honey
¼ pint fresh cream 6 lemons
½ bottle brandy or ram

Wash the eggs carefully and place them in a bowl with the juice of the lemons and
one tablespoon very finely grated lemon rinds (avoiding the white pith, which imparts a
bitter taste). Cover closely with a clean cloth and allow to stand for 48 hours or until the
shells have dissolved into a mash. Then add the cream, honey and brandy or rum and mix
vigorously. Bottle immediately and cork tightly.


Just 4 u

In a small tumbler break the yolk of a fresh egg and mix in one teaspoon icing
sugar. Add six drops Angostura, 1½ oz. sherry and half that amount of brandy. Fill glass
with shaved ice, shake well and strain. Dust with fresh-grated nutmeg and powdered
cinnamon. This approaches a flip.


Just 4 u

For those who like punches (and who doesn't at Christmas?) here is an excellent

Rub eight pieces of lump sugar on two big lemons, collecting all the fragrant
essential oil possible. Put the lumps in a bright saucepan with ¼ teaspoon of ground
cinnamon, ¼ teaspoon of grated nutmeg and ground cloves mixed, and a fair pinch of
salt. Put in 8 oz. each of brandy and Jamaica rum and add 16 oz. of boiling water. Heat up
the bowl, and strain into it the juice of two lemons.
Heat up the mixture in the pan just to miss boiling point and strain it through muslin in colander or sieve into the bowl. Now add one pint of a good white country wine—elderflower, gooseberry, rhubarb or apple,
preferably sparkling—and serve with a cube of pineapple in each cup.


Just 4 u

1 bottle of one of your red 1 cup granulated sugar
wines 2 oz. honey
1 small glass cherry brandy Grated nutmeg to taste
1 glass brandy About one-third pint boiling
1 sliced lemon water

Heat wine, honey, lemon, nutmeg, sugar to near boiling point; then add brandy
and cherry brandy and lastly the water. Serve immediately.


Just 4 u

1 oz. Angelica stem 1 pint brandy
1 oz. boned bitter almonds 1 pint syrup made with
white sugar

Steep the angelica and almonds in the brandy for a week, then strain off and add
the syrup to the liquor. "Improves with keeping—if you can keep it!"


Just 4 u

To make the beer the recipe is as follows:
Melt 2 lb. sugar, treacle, essence of malt, molasses, or honey, into a gallon of hot
water, put in cask or fermentation vessel, add one gallon cold water and two
tablespoonsful of the essence of spruce. When the must is tepid add ale yeast. Ferment for
two days and bottle. It will be ready for use within one week.


Just 4 u

2 gallons nettles 2 oz. hops
¼ oz. root ginger 4 oz. sarsaparilla
4 lb. malt 2 gallons water
1 level teaspoonful granulated 1 ½ lb. sugar
yeast 2 lemons

Choose young nettles. Wash and put into a saucepan with water, ginger, malt,
hops and sarsaparilla.


Just 4 u

2 lb. patent black malt 4 gallons water
6 oz. flaked barley 1 pkt. vitamin yeast food
2 lb. glucose (powdered) 1 oz. of hops
1 pkt. dried brewing yeast 1 teaspoonful of salt

Bring the water in the boiler to 150 degrees F., add the malt and flaked barley.
Keep at a steady 140-150 degrees F. for four hours. Great care should be taken that the
temperature does not exceed 150 degrees F. during the whole of the four-hour period, for
this is important in the extracting of the maltose, and is almost the most vital process in
this particular type of brewing.


Just 4 u

1 ¾ lb. pale malted barley 1 level teaspoon ammonium
2 ozs. flaked rice or 4 ozs. sulphate
polished barley 1 level teaspoon gypsum
1 oz. hops ½ teaspoon salt
1 lb. sugar 1 Campden tablet
1 level teaspoon citric add 1 gallon water
Champagne yeast

Pick over and then put malted barley and adjunct through mincer to form the grist.
Heat one gallon of water to 68 degrees C. in 12-pint saucepan on very low gas; add grist
and maintain temperature at 62-68 degrees C. for two hours.


Just 4 u

5 oz. hops 2 level teaspoonsful granulated
8 gallons water yeast
3 lb. brown sugar

Boil the hops and water together slowly for about 40-50 minutes, strain over the
sugar, and allow to cool.


Just 4 u

4 quarts water 4 oz. clear honey
1 oz. ground ginger Juice of 3 lemons
1 lb. white sugar Yeast
2 oz. lime juice

Boil two quarts of water with the ginger for half an hour. Put in a pan with the
sugar, lime juice, honey, lemon juice and the remaining two quarts of water (cold). When
just at blood heat, i.e.


Just 4 u

1 lb. pure malt extract 1 gallon water
1 lb. sugar ½ teaspoon salt
1 oz. hops Yeast

Dissolve the malt extract, sugar and salt in the warmed water then add most of the
hops and boil for ½ hour, adding the remainder of the hops five minutes before the end.
Strain into a wide-necked jar so that it is filled to within 1 ½ inches of the top, and cover


Just 4 u

Grow a Ginger Beer Plant with 2 oz. baker's yeast (buy it at a baker's where bread
is baked on the premises). Put the yeast into a jar and add ½ pint water, 2 level teaspoons
of sugar, and 2 level teaspoons of ground ginger.
Feed it each day for the next seven to ten days, add 1 teaspoon of sugar and 1
teaspoon of ground ginger. You will see your "plant" growing day by day.
Strain it Now strain the mixture through a piece of muslin or a very fine
household sieve (keep the sediment) and add to the liquid the juice of 2 lemons, 1 lb.
granulated sugar and 1 pint warm water. Stir until the sugar has dissolved, then make up
to 1 gallon with cold water.


Just 4 u

Take a couple of young cocks, boil them almost to a jelly in water, and put them
into four gallons of ale; put in also a pound of raisins of the sun stoned; infuse a pound of
dates, mace and nutmegs, of each two ounces, in a quart of canary; put them to the ale;
strain and squeeze out liquor, and put to it half a pint of new ale yeast. Let it work for a
day; you may drink it the next but it is better the third day; you may make it weaker by
mingling it with plain ale as you draw it, or you may put it into a firkin of ale. It is good
against a consumption and to restore decayed nature.


Just 4 u

Many home-brewers are now turning to the use of dried malt extract which is now
on the market, and which is much more pleasant and convenient to handle than the sticky
extract in jars.
It certainly makes an excellent brew, and readers may care to try these German
recipes for its use.
It is important to use a good, sedimentary beer yeast, which will settle firmly and
not rise throughout the wort, and it is best to make a starter for it a couple of days before
you start brewing. These recipes are those advocated by the firm which supplies the
Vierka XXXX beer yeast sold by Semplex.
In each of them, boil the dried malt and hops in the water for half an hour. Strain
into two-gallon fermentation jar and fit an air lock.


Just 4 u

2 gallons water 1 oz. yeast or a packet of
2 lb. crystal matt dried brewer's yeast
1-lb. tin of Golden Syrup 1 oz. hops
Teaspoonful of salt

Bring the two gallons of water in the boiler up to 150 F. Add the malt and
maintain at a temperature of 140-150 F. for four hours.


Just 4 u

This recipe, for a lager specially suited to the Canadian palate, is one advocated by
Wine-Art Sales Ltd., of Box 2701, Vancouver 8, B.C.

1 six Imperial gallon primary fermentation vessel (plastic preferred),
1 five Imperial gallon plastic or glass carboy and fermentation lock,
1 five-foot syphon tube,
1 plastic sheet (1 yd. sq.) to cover primary vessel,
1 Specific Gravity or Brix hydrometer and testing jar,
1 stainless steel or enamel vessel, not less than 1 Imperial gallon,
1 wooden or stainless steel spoon,
1 bottle capper for crown caps,
5 dozen beer bottles, tall or stubby,
1 immersion-type thermometer.


Just 4 u

1 lb. bran Gravy browning
2 oz. dried hops Yeast
2 lb. Demerara sugar 3 gallons water

Put two gallons of water in a three-gallon boiler, and put third gallon by. Bring to
boil. Add sugar, 2 oz. dried hops (buy Heath and Heather packeted hops from chemists),
bran, and two teaspoonsful of gravy browning (the liquid variety—which is only caramel
colouring). Boil gently for 1½ hours.


Just 4 u

To make a black home-brew of stout-like quality, use the Cheshire Home Brew
recipe, but include 1 lb. of patent black malt and 1 lb. of crushed barley in place of the
crystal malt. These specialised ingredients can be obtained from Semplex, of Birkenhead.


Just 4 u

1 lb. malt extract 1 gallon water
1 oz. hops Brewer's (or dried) yeast
1 level teaspoon
liquid gravy browning

Boil all the ingredients except the yeast together for 90 minutes; add more water
to restore the original volume.